'Thank you for your warm hospitality and fantastic array of freshly made food, I can assure you when we next have a course running it will be a pleasure to use your conference centre again'.   From Tilhill Forestry  March 2016.

We offer accomodation and facilities for many types of functions and groups.  You can decide on the layout of the Conference room that would suit your needs: typical theatre style seating with top table or a circular seating arrangment allowing for easy debate, or for small discussion groups of 5 or 6 with a table each.  Whichever design you choose our staff will be happy to help you with the layout.  All our seating is padded for your ease and comfort.

conference at St Ritas

A group of Catholic women enjoying the address from their key note speaker during their residential retreat at St Rita's Centre

Residential gatherings

Tea and coffee facilities are available throughout the day in our reception lounge, just help yourself to as much as you can drink.

For your comfort there are toilet facilities, including a toilet for the disabled, beside the reception lounge.

Community Chapters and Assemblies
Meeting rooms are assigned according to the needs, size and activities of the group. We have three meeting rooms. The largest meeting room can accomodate up to 80 guests.   The Chapel is available for you to use.  We just ask that you respect the prayer times of the Augustinian Recollects. Arrangements for use of the Chapel can be made either on booking or on your arrival at the Centre. 

Small Group Conferences

We have a lounge that can accomodate 10/12 people comfortably and, if required, a trolley with tea and coffee can be arranged for you.

Parish RetreatsGroup at St Rita's Centre
The opportunity for you to get away as a parish. We can offer lead retreats or you can organise your own programme and just use the facilities.

Prayer Days

We welcome any group of people, large or small, who want to take a break from the daily grind and spend a day in prayer.  You can bring your own lunch or our kitchen staff will be delighted to prepare a buffet lunch or a sit down lunch if required.  Details can be worked out when you book.

Weekend Workshops

Many Youth Groups have used St Rita's Centre for their Adult Training.  We offer outside facilities as well as the conference/meeting rooms.

Group Retreats

Bring your group to St Rita's Centre for a peaceful and meaningful spiritual re-charge.  Groups of up to 33 can stay overnight on a residential retreat or up to 80 for a day.  Details of cost can be obatined from the Centre on 01404 42601, Email : 

We do not offer bed and breakfast to individuals or couples; we need all our rooms for our groups especially on weekends.

Autumn at St Rita's Centre