About us

“Before all else, beloved brothers and sisters, let us love God and then our neighbour, because these are the principal commandments given to us”

(Rule of St Augustine, Preface)

The Staff who work in St Rita's Centre and the Office Staff who work in the Promotions office all look forward to visitors arriving at the Centre for their Retreat, Conference or private function and we will do our best to make everyone's stay comfortable and happy. 

Catering: We provide basic home cooking and provide a wide range of dishes to cover all tastes. However, with the exception of vegetarians, we are unable to cope for people with special diets.  We ask that these visitors to the Centre provide their own specialist foods.

Our Housekeeper - Angela.

Angela will take care of all you need in your en suite bedroom.  Angela has been at St Rita's for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience, looking after the Community at St Rita's and the public who come to stay. 

Our Admin assistant - Anna

Anna helps in the office and looks after the stock for Easter and Christmas and takes care of all the printing needs of the Centre/Promotions.  Should you need any photocopy or any clerical assistance during your stay she will be happy to help you in her highly efficient and friendly manner.

We also have Clare in the office, she deals with Parish work and other admin. work for the 2 parishes under our care. Clare also deals with the post and answers phone calls.

Office Administrator - Patricia

With Anna and Clare and some volunteer help at 
busy times, it is my job to ensure that all 
letters go out to our Benefactors on time.  To ensure that all correspondence and orders for items in our shop are dispatced in good time from St Rita's Promotions and in general to make sure that the office and shop run smoothly.  I have worked at St. Rita's Centre for almost 18 years and can reccomend the Centre as a comfortable and restful place giving you the opportunity to relax, to spend some time to pray and reflect and to be pampered by our staff.  

'A time to pray, a space for yourself, St Rita’s centre - an ideal location for your retreat.'